For ultrasound
imaging & treatment

High Transitivity
Clear imaging
Effective treatment

PH Neutral
Protects equipment

Water Soluble
Easy to clean

Non staining

Non allergic

Environment friendly
Bio degradable


Ribbon Products
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Phone (03) 5627 5740 or 0427 160 000



New innovative way to supply gel

• Reduce cost of gel
• Reduce the cost of freight
• Extend shelf life of gel
• Reduce storage space
• Adjustable viscosity

These benefits as well as all the great features of the ready to use Ribbon Sonic gel such as;

• High Transitivity – clear image
• PH Neutral – non corrosive
• Water Soluble – easy to clean
• Clear – non staining
• Sterilized – non allergic
• Environmentally – Bio Degradable

Gel Concentrate Sachet

Ribbon Sonic Gel has designed and developed a small sachet with easy to follow directions to re-hydrate a perfect gel for ultrasound use.
Supply in this form provides gel users huge savings in product cost and then save again with massive reduction in freight cost.
Supply in this form extends the shelf life of stored gel by up to 10 years.
Gel users can adjust the viscosity of the gel by simply reducing or increasing the amount of clean water to the contents.